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Hi, I'm Rik Osborne. I'm an amateur musician, amateur Web designer, and wannabee novelist from Wenatchee, Washington, USA. I've lived in Wenatchee since 1983, where I have labored in the foodservice industry for 27 years, mostly as a cook. I'm currently employed by the Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel, where I work as a banquet chef at the Wenatchee Convention Center.

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Unlike version 10.0 of this site, this design is all my own work. It looks simple, but it wasn't. The idea was to simulate old-style frames using CSS, with the navigation links on the left remaining in place while the rest of the page scrolls freely. It was more work than I expected, but I finally got the desired results.

My HTML and CSS code are "open source"; that is, I freely grant permission to anybody who wishes to use this site's HTML and CSS code for their own Web site, personal or commercial, and the code may be modified freely. I would appreciate, but do not require, that any credit be given me. Note that this license applies only to the HTML and CSS code, and does not grant permission to reuse or repost the content of this site, which is exclusively copyrighted by me. This includes all text, photos, and sound files.

Special thanks to arwen54 over at Open Web Design for helping me get the CSS positioning to work properly in Internet Explorer.

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